Have you ever felt the incredible Pain under her soles and heels...
Milked under her boots
bruised under hard heels
squeezed by her rugged soles
scrunched by her stiletto
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cock squeezed between platform shoes
flattened under her sneakers
she steps on his manhood
bruised under her heavy Buffalos

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Dominant girls crush tiny cocks under their merciless shoes and boots. They don't care for his pain when they walk over
his snippy glans and crush his manhood under their rugged and dirty soles. Boots, Buffs, Sneakers, Pumps, Stilettos
and all kind of shoes simply flatten his maleness. Whilst his cock is bruised under their weight, the girls are well
protected in their shoes, they don't even notice his tiny worm when they dance on it and crush it under their feet,
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